JVZoo Vendors Who Are Deceptive / Frauds

The following will sell you a Beta application/product with their natural, and I thought forgivable startup flaws at a reasonable price and claim “One time payment and lifetime access” – – –

Later, they introduce Version 2 and that’s not grandfathered with your “One time payment and lifetime access” you’re not along for the ride. You bankrolled their awkward launches and then get lumped in with the herd when they roll out Version two treating it like a new product.

In other words: You THINK you’re going to participate in improvements, bug fixes and updates –  think again. Those items are only included in the next VERSION which is treated as a new software.

They offer a discount code, but it’s the same one they give the new public consumer –   they don’t want you to know but if you visit the product outside their email announcement you get the same “deal”.

Here are the shameful few:

Mario Brown Videlligence 2.0 You don’t get updates or upgrades, they change the version and sell it to you again.

Videlligence 1.0 Couldn’t resize images or crop an image from landscape to portrait, or vice versa. That made most of the videos produced look chopped off and useless. Are you interested in a fix for that?  Sorry, it’s in Version 2.0 which isn’t the one you bought. You bought the broken version 1.0

WPFreshstart. You don’t get updates or upgrades, they change the version and sell it to you again. Improvements, bugfixes, updates are not the same program. They’re a “new” version. And you’re not included.

With Viddyoze,  (2.0 to 3.0) they did a similar thing HOWEVER unlike the others, the version you bought (2.0) is STILL GOOD –  you don’t need to upgrade / repurchase the product if it’s working fine for you. Bugfixes aren’t part of the new version. It’s great. And it is. It’s a great product worth every penny.


New Resources

Without taking too much of your time, let me show you some new resources, which are of benefit to Dog, Cat, Koi and Pondfish Lovers. 

I did a page and a video on dental cleaning in dogs and WHY – it's not just cosmetic in fact that's secondary: It's actually the comfort of the dog to eliminate / control dental disease with recession of the gum line and exposure of roots. Also, and MOST importantly, the elimination of bacteria going from the very capillary-rich gums into the airway, and bloodstream. 

I also did a video and page on a Way to control and eliminate bad breath in dogs SIMPLY by addition of a product called Oxyfresh to the dog's water. It's a perishable disinfectant that the dog can safely drink, and then it's inactivated by the HCl (stomach acid)  —   so there's no disinfection of the "good Bacteria" in the gut. That's here.

A video you might also like is about Koi and Pond Fish Ulcer Disease. This link takes you to a three video series which covers the causes, and management of Koi Ulcer Disease / Body Sores and Finrot. It's a Springtime disorder for the most part. You will learn a LOT from the video. 

Lastly for this resource announcement is a way of supporting pH in your pond or aquarium. It makes "PH Crash" a thing of the past. The video talks about a PILL made of Plaster of Paris. The video shows you HOW to make the pills, WHY to make them, WHEN to use them, WHEN NOT to use them, HOW they work, HOW LONG they usually last, and a LOT more. That's why the "pH PIll" videos are a series of three starting with the link I put in this paragraph. 

I hope you like these items. 


Doc Johnson


KHV Testing PCR / UC Davis


core pcr test


pcr not a titer and sample unreliable
could send clean swab

pcr and serology

two facilities 90
pcr 50
serology 50

KHV testing methods include both PCR and serology; ELISA/serology testing has a number of advantages over PCR testing. Herpesvirus can cause a broad latent state in which no viral particles will be detected via PCR, though the animal may still have high antibody loads and thus be serology positive. Sample collection for serology testing is non-lethal and can detect antibody reactivity long after the virus itself is cleared, allowing for broad pond/farm surveillance.

pH Pill To Sustain pH and Prevent pH Crash

How To Support pH in Aquatic Systems like ponds and aquaria with more convenience and even better residual safety.

There are two videos on Youtube done by Dr. Erik Johnson regarding a way to make a pH Buffer into a pill form, that slowly dissolves to support pH and prevent pH Crash. A real thing.

It's as easy as making pills of Plaster of Paris but then again, it's NOT that simple. You need the right Plaster and you need to make sure they are VERY dry before you use them.

  • What fish should NOT be exposed to PH Pills?
  • Where should you put the pH Pills?
  • How long do they last and what impacts that?
  • What do you make these in and how does the oven factor in their production?

All these and more in pH Pill Part One and pH Pill Part Two