CBD Oil and Diamond Synthetic

Here’s the article about 5F-ADB being found in Diamond CBD’s gummies. It’s worth a read.


Diamond CBD has published reports that tested their products, but they neglected to test for THE synthetic cannabinoid, 5F-ADB, that was originally found in the gummies. They just left it out. So the test results they’ve published can only confirm that there aren’t OTHER synthetics in there. There very well may still be 5F-ADB in some of their products.

Here are the reports of the gummies originally in question, as well as the Relax Liquid that you guys have bought.

You’ll see that 5F-ADB isn’t listed as a substance they tested for.



Here are two government documents detailing the discovery (by law enforcement) of 5F-ADB in the “Liquid Gold” vape juice, sold at two different smoke shops. Liquid Gold is a Diamond CBD product–you can easily find it on their site, if you wanna look. Law enforcement has found 5F-ADB in a Diamond CBD product. Them’s the facts. (You’ll find it on page 8 & 9 of the documents.)



And I know my personal experience doesn’t count for much, but what I experienced after vaping the Relax Juice was not congruent with what I’ve read is supposed to happen after vaping normal CBD. CBD is non-psychoactive. It’s not supposed to get you high. It’s supposed to feel like an absence–of anxiety, pain, whatever. It’s not supposed to GIVE you a high feeling. But I felt intoxicated after vaping that Relax Juice. I had a severe panic attack–no, I don’t think the Relax Juice caused it. However, I was unable to shake the impaired feeling, even as I was experiencing that severe panic attack. It felt like being drunk and wishing you’re sober. And no, I don’t think it was due to any placebo effect.

I’d be interested to know if other brands of CBD vape juice give you guys the same benefits as the Diamond CBD. If not, that may point to some added stuff in the Diamond vape juice.

Here’s some info on 5F-ADB. It has killed people. Synthetic cannabinoids are not to be played with.


I’ve just been worried about you guys, and there are other brands that don’t have these issues.

I’m not gonna harp on it after this. It’s your decision. I’m just concerned–that’s all, I promise.