Dosing 25mg Delta 8 THC Gummies for Canines Under Vet Supervision: In One Page

This is a “guideposts” article that gives you the basics on dosing Delta 8 THC Gummies of the 25mg per gummy composition.
If you don't understand this document you will never understand the master document (current and edited weekly) at
You should not use this document unless you are entirely comfortable with the information and have weighed-in with your veterinarian.
There is in fact, a “too much” level of Delta-8 THC you can give your dog which is harmless, but that is a level that palpably upsets them. 
Most of what you read on the “interwebs” is disinformation perpetuated by ATF, FDA and CBD companies to keep you from upgrading to Delta 8 isomer THC.
Other CBD companies like have 'stayed with the times' and offer Delta 8 now. (And have stopped demonizing it.)
All that is included in 
We do NOT recommend full-spectrum THC or any other dosing format for companion canines  – because of a lack of standardization, and the desire for the pets to be HAPPY not HIGH.
We have zero experience at this writing with THC in cats which (who knows), could be as toxic as Tylenol and I'm not trying it on my cat.
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