For a Person Who Can be Selfish At Times

Is  This You?

Most people want to have a nice life.

They want to get nice things.

They want to be treated nicely.

They want people to help them when they need it.

And they want people to do nice things for them.

Normal people want to be included, and feel at least a little bit important to others.

Some deny it, but normal people are nourished by love.

If you’re reading this, chances, are you already know that you’re not quite normal. You might have super powers, of course, but the fact is, you’re not aware of the things you do that are holding you back. That’s part of the disorder. But it’s very fixable. Unless you’re literally a retard. 

There are four kind of people who have hard lives. Because they don’t fit in. And they are always smart. (Sometimes they actually are, sometimes they only think they are) but all of them are smart enough to know that they don’t fit in. 

Also always: To get over it, they tell themselves that they don’t need anybody. But this only works on the short term, because as they go through life without anyone who truly loves them, their self-esteem erodes, no matter how much they portray to others that they are “The Best”, until at retirement, they’re bitter and small…and alone at The End.

Four crippling conditions, and the sufferers are 100% unaware:

  • HFA-1 Autism 
  • Asbergers 
  • ADHD
  • Narcissism: benign or malignant

If a person suffering with any of the above four disorders does not discover it, does not learn to be RELATABLE, does not learn how to fit in:

  • You’ll ONLY ever get help and support from people who ARE OBLIGATED to help and support you. Specifically, employees, and your parents. Everybody else will have no love nor time for you.

  • You won’t have people around you who actually WANT to help and support you.

  • Opportunities don’t open up, because you’re not relatable. Nobody’s going to want to teach you if you are conceited, nobody’s going to choose to work with you if you’re a prima donna, nobody’s going to want to hang around with you are arrogant.

  • And you won’t be invited to important things, events or opportunities if you are constantly critical, judgmental and negative.

What happens to people no one likes:

People who fancy themselves as better than everyone else, have to forcibly TAKE what they get, because no one GIVES them anything, because nobody really likes them.

Someone may be OK with not being liked. But how many people are all right with being full-on disliked?

The people in the four groups above, can blindly do things that make them disliked. And the problem with those four disorders:  

The sufferers are absolutely blind to their condition. 

They have no idea that they have “emotional and social body odor”.

But there’s good news. Regardless of your diagnosis, all of the four conditions above can be effectively managed. It all starts with, awareness, acceptance, and aggressive-self-discipline to develop skills in the area of “relatability.“

And shed the barriers that exist to getting an abundant, prosperous and loving life.

Here are four things that I have learned that helped me to survive all of the four Disorders listed above:

  • Early in conversation, make a positive observation about a person, place, or thing. This gives you something relevant to say, and makes people want to talk to you.
  • Don’t “Yuck” on another persons “Yum”. Chances are 100% that they didn’t ask your opinion. (There’s no need for them to like your boring stuff). But take an interest in theirs. People will want to talk to you.
  • Never talk about yourself. Talk about the other person. This makes people want to talk to you.
  • You can get further in life on “Polite and Interested” than you can on “College and Arrogance”.

Where do you go from here?

Learn absolutely everything you can about “relatability” from Dale Carnegie.

“Make it about the other person”, and all good things will follow. Seriously. It’s not about you.

Don’t live in a basement, don’t USE other people, and don’t be alone for the rest of your life. 

And the underpinning of it all: Being Relatable.


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