Koi Ulcer Disease and More Treatments in “Koi Health and Disease” Textbook

Your fish are sick, so what should I do? Stop the struggle, going over and over it on Google trying to find everything in one place to save Koi and Pond Fish. And you find stuff but it's written by ChatGPT or Bard and it's either wrong, ''generally” right, or devastatingly shallow. It's all overview.
You need the “what” and the “how to”
So, there's a book you might be interested to see, especially in time for Spring when pond fish diseases become a “thing”.  Because it's on Amazon.com, you can have it overnighted in a real emergency.
Category: Pets
Publisher: Dr. Erik Johnson
Language: English
Country: United States
Keywords: Fish Treatments Symptoms
Description: This is 15 years of Vet experience with all aspects of Koi health. Treatments and tips for a healthy environment, proper husbandry, symptoms of disease and remedies for parasites and sores, Dr. Johnson covers it all. In plain terms for the hobbyist, he provides the details you NEED to save fish. Symptoms, simple tests, logic and simplicity to educate you on preventing and treating fish diseases. This book is as timely / timeless as the appearance of fish disease, and the need for education in the testing and treatment of these conditions in fish. Learn about prevention and treatment BEFORE you’re in trouble.
“Anyone that has bought one koi, should have this book before they buy number two!” – David H.
“Thanks for writing such an informative, easy to read book. I appreciate your easy going sense of humor and style of writing!” – Patti B.
“Excellent for beginners, without sacrificing plenty of depth where needed. A Koi keeper's bible!” – S.G. Ontario
“Not a wasted word. Well done!” – Mike S.
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