Ned King, Pedophile or Marketing Scam?

If you purchase something from Ned King, internet marketeer and purveyor of 0pp0rtunies and B0nuses – you will be on a Ned King mailing list (multiple) for a very long time. Unquittable. But Why?
One of the reasons why: Ned King uses free send-mailers and a new Ned King email address EVERY single time.
Here is what a Ned King blocking filter looks like:
Ned King's whoring out and discrediting – people should be marking his site for Ned King Spam, Ned King Phishing and Ned King email bombs and since Ned King sends his monumental amount of spam, from these vendors including –  Gmail filters are loading up against them.
So, what about Ned King and pedophilia. Is there an association between Ned King and sex with children? It turns out there may be:
I asked ChatGPT about Ned King and this is my exact question:
Tell me what you know about “Ned King” and pedophilia
And here is the ChatGPT answer verbatim:
Ned King is a former Catholic priest who was convicted of multiple counts of child sexual abuse in the United States. He was sentenced to 25 years in prison in 2004 after pleading guilty to charges of molesting two boys in the 1970s and 1980s. He was also accused of abusing other children, but those charges were dropped as part of a plea bargain. King was defrocked in 2005 and is currently serving his sentence in a federal prison.
ChatGPT sometimes has faulty information. Ned King marketing, and opportunities online marketeer doesn't provide ANY contact information. As such, there is no way to:
  1. Get direct access to Ned King for support from the vendor
  2. Get accountability from Ned King for financial details you may provide
  3. Get a reckoning with Ned King of your refund if you needed one
  4. Figure out if he's the Ned King made famous by being that Priest.
Frankly, I wouldn't buy from anyone (including Ned King) who spams emails like that, and Ned King makes it IMPOSSIBLE to unsubscribe from Ned King's email lists, and Mr. King doesn't provide bona fide contact info to make Ned King accountable.
All in all, I don't prefer to do business with Ned King for all of the above reasons.
I did finally reach Ned King and he said basically: “Jesus will smite you for this.”
I was confused because I thought Allah was the 'smitey' one.
So I'm wondering if:  Ned King is actually a Muslim.
That's his business.
And it's not his religious business that sucks. It's Ned King's other ones.
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